Colonic Hydrotherapy FAQ

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What happens during a treatment?

Colonic irrigation is an extremely slow and precise process that should only be performed by a certified colon therapist. From start to finish, the initial treatment takes between 60 and 90 minutes.


Sessions start with a comprehensive consultation during which the practitioner assesses your medical history. You will then be asked to remove the bottom half of your clothing. A large towel covers you throughout the treatment.


A small speculum is then inserted into the rectum. Although the sensation is odd, it is not painful. Two tubes are attached to the speculum. These do not enter the bowel. The first tube injects warm, purified water into the bowel through the speculum. The water pressure is very low – only about two pounds per square inch.


The second tube allows waste to leave the body. It contains a viewing compartment so that all faecal matter can be analysed by the practitioner. By examining the colour and consistency of your faeces, a trained colon therapist can determine:


• If you have excessive gas
• Whether you are chewing your food properly
• Whether your food is being digested
• If you are drinking enough water
• If you have a yeast overgrowth or parasites

During the treatment, the practitioner will gently massage your abdomen to help dislodge any old faeces or wind. Following the treatment, you are advised to eat nourishing foods that are easy to digest such as soup, fruit and vegetable juices. Foods containing acidophilus or probiotics may also be recommended.

If your colon is healthy, one treatment a year is sufficient. Some practitioners will recommend a series of six to eight treatments, depending on your diet, lifestyle and health condition.


Is it suitable for everyone?

Colonic irrigation is not suitable for people who have haemorrhoids, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulitis, tumours of the large intestine, rectum or ulcerative colitis.


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